A929 Desktop high-impedance Headphone Amplifier(Black) Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

A929 Desktop high-impedance Headphone Amplifier(Black) Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

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About the product 1. A high-performance portable headset power amplifier 2. Built-in high-performance power processor and power amplifier 3. Its circuit is designed in the core of Texas Instruments (TI ) top headphone driver chip TPA6120A2, known as the current feedback amplifying circuit. 4. Conversion rate is as high as 1300V/us. Distortion is only 0.00014% THD + N, with the dynamic range of 120dB, SNR of 120dB. 5. TPA6120A2 features a super drive. Output current is up to 700mA. Well-suited for high-impedance headphone. By the given parameters, TPA6120A2 is oriented by TI as HI- FI class headphone amplifying chip. 6. For circuit design, Texas Instruments(TI) NE5532 dual operation amplifying chip in best quality acts as the front-end amplifier. 7. NE5532P is tailored for the high-performance audio system, which features ultralow harmonic distortion, low noise, high gain bandwidth or other. 8. Dual FET input widens the dynamic range for NE5532, and sound signal amplification and bipolar operational amplifier. 9. NE5532 audio enhancement technology can correct and recover any signal loss and phase deviation of audio signal system for any reason, reproducing sound and indulging the audiences in the spot effects of enhanced high-low sound, somewhat ideal positioning, definition and brightness. 10. With the audio enhancement circuit, audio system will brighten sound, bring you closer to depth, slenderness and definition, fine treble, penetrating middle and strong and natural bass, placing the audiences on spot. 11. For circuit design, Texas Instruments(TI) high-performance operation amplifier NE5534 acts as the headphone protection circuit. 12. The starting voltage is 0.7V, twice the sensitivity of common headphone protection circuit, so it is classified as a high-sensitivity protection circuit. 13. Circuit architecture uses dual operation amplifier which further drives the high-power impedance headphone. 14. Power supply adopts bleeder technology, uses the high-precision potentiometer for balance adjusting, and the positive and negative voltage balance is ultrahigh. 15. Additionally with the tailored high-capacity filter capacitor, ensuring the clean power supply. 16. Note: After a period of startup, this product may transmit heat via the aluminum housing because of high-power operation. In normal case, it will not affect the normal use, longer "burn-in" usually means better sound effects. Main Features 1.Two-channel switch circuit (3.5 headphone base and gilt RCA base) replaces input signal with no need to unplug, just turn the panel option switch. 2. High-precision power bleeder circuit ensures the stability of circuit and reduces DC shift of output. 3. Advanced input and output connecting base ensures the smooth and durability of signal channel. 4. NE5532, well-tailored for the high-performance audio system in best signal amplification, acts as front-end amplification. 5. High-sensitivity headphone protection circuit has your headphone protected. 6. 6.35mm headphone output socket, optionally added with 6.35-3.5 switching base, applicable to HI-FI headphone and high-power impedance headphone. 7. Original potentiometer made in Taiwan, with small sound loss, high balance, good hand feel and durability. 8. Aluminum alloy housing has a high density of wiredrawing in oxidation treatment, good-looking and noble with screen, but with no color-shading as paint spraying. 9. Standard input interface: 3.5mm and RCA stereo input (with switching) 10. Standard output interface: 6.35mm headphone base 11. Input power: 90mw/600 ohm, 180mw/300ohm, 450mw/100ohm, 610mw/62ohm, 910mw/32ohm, 1000mw/16ohm 12. Output power: 90mw/600ohm, 180mw/300ohm, 450mw/100ohm, 610mw/62ohm, 910mw/32ohm, 1000mw/16ohm Package Contents - 1 x A929 High-power Headphone Amplifier - 1 x 100-240V Power Adapter (DC24V, US Standard, 100cm power cord) - 1 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable (100cm) - 1 x 6.35mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable

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