D08 HiFi Audio Headphone Amplifier Magic Music Stick Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

D08 HiFi Audio Headphone Amplifier Magic Music Stick Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

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About The Product 1. The unit does not have power button, it s in long-time standby mode with automatic load detection function. When the headset is inserted, the unit is powered up and the system automatically boot. 2. When the headset is pulled out, the unit automatically shut off. 3. When the internal battery voltage is less than 2.9V, the protection of system will automatically disconnect the power supply. 4. The unit is built with high efficiency charge and radiation suppression circuit. Features 1. Positive and negative double power technology: Built-in single power to dual power supply circuit effectively suppress background noise, thus achieving a best stereo audio effect. 2. Charge pump booster technology: This technology can bring up the battery voltage to the best operation state, thus reducing the power consumption and external radiation. 3. Impedance of iow resistance type matching circuit network: This unit is specially designed to cope with the defect of low impedance of cell phone'saudio out. Normally input impedance of headphone amplifier in the market is about thousand of ohms, however, cell phone audio out is usually about tens of ohms, it looks like they are not matching). The input impedance of this amplifier is of 16 Ohms which is same as the output impedance of the cell phone. This amplifier is designed with built-in butterworth filter circuit, which can make up for mobile music's defect of high frequency partial darkness and low frequency weakness. Through sound regulation to reduce sharpness and noise of mobile phone audio. 4. Low distortion operational amplifier: Distortion degree, THD+N is 0.006% Free output capacitance, ground plane reference output design, low frequency more surging low internal resistance power design makes the sound more transparent, dynamic range even better. 5. High efficiency charging and radiation suppressing circuit: Under 20 minutes charging, HiFi will work 5 minutes, battery lift time is up to 20 hours.

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